They Hid Her to Protect Her.

Josephine Baker isn’t your normal everyday teenager. She’s a witch, who’s trying to live in the every day hustle of high school, boys, drama and a witch hunter. Follow her journey as the power she wields brings her deeper into the dark consequences of magic through the exciting Hidden in Roll trilogy!

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About The Series

Josephine Baker’s life takes an unimaginable turn after finding out the family secret; that she has magical powers. This new found knowledge leads to a series of exciting and daring events that will alter her life as she knows it. School, boys, and drama quickly become entangled in the world of magic.

As she starts to get a handle on her new life, a witch hunter shows up in her small town of Roll. Now that he has found Josephine, he is determined to be the one who eliminates her from the face of the earth…just like he already did to her mother!

“Lies were like secrets, secrets were like lies, they ran in the same family and only hurt the people you love. My beloved MC Jo Baker” – Stephanie B. Whitfield


Hidden in Roll is the first book in the young adult series from Stephanie B. Whitfield. Josephine Baker was an average teen living in Roll, Arizona…or so she thought. Look for other books in the series, including the conclusion, Found, later this year!

For a limited time. While supplies last.


Marked in Roll is the second book in the young adult trilogy Hidden in Roll from Stephanie B. Whitfield. Go on a riveting adventure with Josephine Baker as she finds out she is marked, and is now being tracked by a witch hunter.

For a limited time. While supplies last.


Found in Roll is the final book in the young adult trilogy Hidden in Roll from Stephanie B. Whitfield. When a witch places a locator spell on her at school, she must choose between fighting a potential threat or befriending it.

For a limited time. While supplies last.

First I love these books. They make my heart happy! But man this book made me fall in love, broke my heart, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I cant wait to see what happens next.

– Shelby

You will laugh. You will cry. You will throw your book in frustration and then pick it up and keep reading. Jo has grown so much with her powers! I can't wait for book 3 to come out.

– Carrie

I have three daughters all reading this series (16, 13, 10) and all of them love it! This book was very gripping with lots of plot twists and they’re highly anticipating Book Three!!!

– R. Earl

Hidden in Roll is a fun read for any YA reader! Magic is hidden in a little town, and so is trouble. This magical story will capture your heart, hoping Jo will survive anything that is thrown at her. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

– A. M. McPherson

The best fiction book I have read in the last year! Once I picked it up I was hooked and could not put it down. Even if you don’t typically read this type of book you will not be disappointed! Now how do I get to Roll, AZ?

– Malinda Allen

5.0 out of 5 stars Magical!!! A must read...Great story with fun twists!

– Kristina Hargrave

About the author

Stephanie is a 3rd generation Arizona Native and currently resides there with her husband and best friend. They have three children, and have created a mini farm on a small parcel of land where they have a number of critters. She loves being a mom, riding her horses, gardening, and reading. Being in the outdoors is her favorite place to be as long as it’s not Summertime.  

She enjoys writing and has always had a vivid imagination. She had a dream once to write but it was shattered by a school teacher. One day, she sat down and decided to release the stories that had roamed her mind for years.

Thanks to her supporting friends who encouraged her to share them with the world, her books have started to be published. Writing has allowed her to give a bit of her magic to the world one story at a time.
Stephanie B. Whitfield

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The first book in an exciting new fantasy series from author Stephanie B. Whitfield.


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